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The architecture of Hotel Mongolia, in Mongolian „Mongol Shiltgeen”, reminds the visitor on an ancient monastery.

It is situated in a pittoresque landscape directly adjacent to the banks of river Tuul, about 20 kilometers East Ulaanbaatar city center. You enter the premises through the Northern main gate and you arrive in a spectacular lobby with high ceilings and red brick walls, a recitation of the “Forbidden City”. Arcades are surrounding the hotel complex alongside the four meter strong walls. They guide you to the central complex comprising the hotel restaurant which offers spectacular views into all directions.

The handmade and carved wooden applications, doors and furniture are excellent examples of Mongolian craftsmanship.
We offer to our guests a healthy environment directly at the river Tuul and a wonderful ambience in a truly unique hotel.


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The whole compound consists of 108 generously-styled apartments, each with high modern standards. All rooms are equipped with their own modern bathroom \with running hot and cold water\, reading co...


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river beach

The premises of Hotel Mongolia comprise a total of 190.000 sq.m. of which a stretch of almost 400m is dierectly adjacent to the Tuul river.


On the river banks you will find a sandy beach, the ideal retrea...


Hotel Mongolia offers several meeting rooms for smaller Board Meetings and one multi-functional room for conferences capable of receiving 60-70 participants in an auditorium. The quiet environment, fresh air, natural surroundin...

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